Smart Lighting System

IP500® Smart Lighting Solution

Interoperability and a wide combination of various IoT applications in a commercial or industrial building is a important factor for end-users to lower cost of energy consumption, improve security or comfort in his building. Because of a full interoperability of the IP500 infrastructure and the connected IP500 solutions i.e. security and comfort, the end user can install for him very valuable applications right at the planning phase or later as retrofit, by using the same IP500 infrastructure.

The Smart Lighting Solution by Trilux uses IP500 Network Techology.

LED lighting with IP500 sensing solutions provides smart lighting based on automated on demand and occupancy of people or robots . It increases the security in working areas and reduces the energy consumption over the entire facility.

Key Features

  • redundance wireless system
  • Sub GHz operation frequency
  • secured isolated data streams
  • simple and quick provisioning

Suitable for

  • commercial buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • smart residential homes

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