Elektronik Magazin – Press Articles

Elektronik Magazin – Press Articles

As following, please find the links to the newest articles, which our IP500 Members and Partners have placed in Europe’s most recognized “Elektronik Magazine”. This article addresses the interoperability of IoT devices for security / safety and comfort application in the same IoT wireless network / infrastructure in a commercial building. This allows planners and users t

EN „IoT Wireless Platform for Commercial Buildings“ 

DE „IoT Funk-Plattform für kommerzielle Gebäude“ 


The pervious article which were placed in January 2020 explained the basis of the IP500 Standard which has received the pre-conformity of the IP500 wireless network according to the European norm (EN 501.31-53).

EN „The IoT Revolution for commercial Buildings“ 

DE „Die IoT-Revolution für kommerzielle Gebäude“: