Benno Ritter

Benno has more than 20 years of sales, marketing, business development, and operations experience in the semiconductor industry. In the last decade he focused his work in the market for wireless communication technologies like IP500, ZigBee, WLAN, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS and microsensors for environmental sensing. He was a founding member of JEDEC JC-61, 802.15.4 and RF Lite the predecessor organization of the ZigBee Alliance.

Benno founded Equitem Consulting offering marketing and business development support to start ups and established businesses in the IoT market. He leads the business development activities for the IP500 Alliance, an organization that has set itself the target of jointly defining, developing, and providing a secure and vendor-neutral wireless communication platform for smart buildings fulfilling all of the technical requirements for secure, interoperable, and cross-disciplinary networking of smart devices for use in all areas of building automation.

Benno also founded Sensichips USA -- a marketing and sales support company for Sensichips srl with focus on providing advanced microsensor systems for gas, radiation, humidity, ultrasonic, and optical sensing for low power mobile IoT applications. Before that Benno led the marketing and business development efforts of the ZigBee Alliance. Prior to ZigBee Benno was working with Infineon and Philips Semiconductors in various marketing and sales roles focusing on wireless communication technologies like; WiFi, ZigBee, BT, cellular, and GPS.

Mr. Ritter holds a MSc in Physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany and an MBA from San Jose State University.

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