About the IP500® Alliance

The IP500® Alliance is an international industry initiative launched by leading manufacturers, users, and operators. It has set itself the target of jointly defining, developing, and providing a secure and vendor-neutral wireless communication platform for smart buildings. The new IP500® platform will thereby fulfill all of the technical requirements for secure, interoperable, and cross-disciplinary networking of smart devices for use in all areas of building automation.

With this approach the Alliance is setting out in new directions. Unlike other industry associations that operate internationally and are already specialized in standardizing wireless communication protocols in building automation, the focus at the IP500® Alliance has for several years been on close collaboration with all Alliance members on a joint solution. By using central, generally used and accepted industry norms and standards such as IEEE 802.15.4, IPv6, 6LowPAN, BACnet, AES128, and IPsec, it guarantees maximum interoperability for vendor-neutral and cross-disciplinary interaction between different products required for comprehensive building automation. Manufacturers, users, and operators benefit in equal measure from this inter-disciplinary, joint approach.

Wireless Networks for Smart Buildings

The IP500® standard, now available in a first version after several years of development, is also the first and only solution that will fulfill all EN and VdS requirements. It thereby ensures that products and electronic devices in safety and security relevant applications such as fire alarm, break-in protection, or access control systems can communicate with each other and be controlled via a secure wireless network. The IP500® platform will consist of extremely energy-saving microchips and customized network services. The microchips are envisioned as wireless networking modules for incorporation into sensors, actuators, and other smart devices. The different network services help organize the overall IP500® system. They ensure optimal behavior in wireless networks and transparent integration into other systems and installations. At the same time they provide a number of management and reporting tools for maintaining and controlling the IP500® network.

Internet of Things Accelerates Innovative Building Automation

The IP500® Alliance, launched in 2006, has thereby pioneered a trend that will continue to gain momentum with the triumphant progress of the Internet of Things, a.k.a. machine-to-machine communication, and current developments in connection with Industry 4.0. The availability of high-performance wireless networks and the increasing use of sensors and actuators are the basis for new and innovative smart building automation solutions. Along with commercial property, industrial plant, sports facilities, and administrative buildings they increasingly involve sophisticated smart home solutions for private use or sheltered accommodation.

The Alliance was founded in 2007 as an interest group and has since been able to enlist the support of numerous international cooperation partners for its work. They include companies such as Bosch, Honeywell, and Siemens. The IP500® Alliance’s initiator and President is Helmut Adamski, a longstanding and experienced CEO of several international enterprises active in wireless technology and building automation. In 2011 the IP500® Alliance was registered as a society in Germany and has so far more than doubled its membership.